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PSA: threatening non-vegans pushes them further away from veganism

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No good advocacy ever came from threatening to beat someone up with a ham.

And yet, Citizen Times shares that a “sustainability” school called Wild Abundance has received heaps of flack like that from animal rights activists. In planning to host a seminar called The Cycles of Life: Humane Slaughter and Butchering, and the live killing of a sheep, the organizers have been met with petitions, floods of calls, and the threat of a protest. And what has it done for animals in their care? It has most certainly cemented their continued use.

Sure, they swapped out a teacher (a butcher who claims to be a former vegan) who is afraid of the mob, but the class goes on. And the devastation that’s felt at the lose of one sheep life should be tenfold when considering the group, and those who support them, are one step further away from veganism.

Need proof they don’t remotely understand the need for veganism, let alone what veganism means? The director of the program demonstrated a total disconnect by begging people to focus on issues like climate change instead of “squabbling over personal dietary choices.” She even posed the question; “How many thousands of pigs get killed in North Carolina in industrial agriculture? They’re choosing to focus on our workshop where we’re killing one sheep.” So she follows the status quo, and picks up all the reinforced ideas that factory farms are worse, murder can be humane, and that climate change is a problem only reusable grocery bags impact.

Look, we’re sure it comes as no surprise that effective advocacy can not be done when it’s shouted at someone without explanation. But it’s not just the threats that drive home the confusion; it’s the focus. As long as we continue to act out for individual animals and industries, the divide will remain in people’s minds. We need to focus on the need to eliminate animal property status, and to reconnect people to the idea that fundamental justice is due to all human and nonhuman animals. That’s a mouthful to shout at any non-vegan, who is just as guilty of animal use without enrolling in a live demonstration of it.

Outrage is to be expected, but so is diplomacy. If animals stand any chance of being recognized, it’s from the work of those ready to educate on their behalf, and not those putting the final nail in their coffins. We can help animals today by going vegan, and helping others to do the same.

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