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Another strange disruption with no results

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Disruptions do little more than create a story for non-vegans to tell over their turkey dinners.

Island Packet shared that Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) was up to no good as usual, recently taking the opportunity of American Thanksgiving to conduct an art-school style installation inside of Walmart. A team enacted a mock funeral for a bunch of turkey carcasses, and decided that would be the key for people to recognize the error of their ways and switch to eating another animal for their impending feasts.

Okay, so they likely don’t want these people to eat any animals, but the elaborate act says otherwise. What about all the other animals in the store? Should we expect weekly funerals until the Walmart is accurately depicted as the graveyard it is for all animals? And when will we move on to other chain stores?

I don’t believe for a second that these demonstrators believe that people don’t know that the dead turkey they purchase and serve is in fact a dead turkey. So if they already know that an animal is being used for their traditions, why should a phoney funeral make them stop? What about this act helps them make the moral connection that other living beings are not ours to use?

The chapter organization said it’s not about making people stop buying turkeys (uh…what?), but instead, is meant to start a conversation. Well, since this doesn’t bring about talk of how unnecessary exploiting animals is or that veganism is the only solution for it, the conversation naturally turns into banter around the inefficacy of animal rights activism. Probably, shoppers threw the word “extremist” and “strange” out a few more times than they would in a usual shopping trip.

The desire to reach people and save animals can be met through vegan education. People are naturally loving, caring, and smart, and can grasp ideas of morality more easily then these groups give them credit for. We don’t need to support gruesome, sideshow acts that tick off people instead of speaking to them. I’ll take grassroots advocacy over disruptions any day.

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