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Can’t Buy Me Morals

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Paul McCartney kicks off 2017 with a new Meat Free Monday booklet continuing to promote speciesism, subjective morality and the standard fare for 21st century “animal advocates” – narcissism.

Paul is quoted as saying that “we tend to think that what we have always done is what we always will do in the future. How boring is that? Can’t you look at your life and go, ‘You know what? I think I might fancy a change.” It’s a crying shame that Sir Paul can’t apply this wisdom to his own life. You’d think that after about 40 years exploiting animals as a vegetarian and spearheading a campaign since 2009 that has done nothing but further normalise non-veganism and turn a matter of fundamental morality into a weekly cleanse, that Paul himself would “fancy a change.”

Unfortunately for the animals, it seems that this “74 year old rocker” is determined to carry all of his speciesism and moral confusion into 2017, while simultaneously portraying himself as some beacon of morality for others to emulate.

The Meatless Monday campaign – aside from its core issues in promoting speciesism, making false distinctions between flesh and other animal products, and promoting the idea that with respect to animals, morality is subjective – actually increases the consumption of other animal foods and creates further artificial distinctions between animal products. For example, the American Egg Board holds the Meatless Monday campaign responsible for its 30 year high in egg sales and per capita egg consumption. Make no mistake about it, Sir Paul’s Meatless Monday campaign has been nothing short of a disaster for animals in a multitude of ways.

It’s a shame that Paul has resolved to make 2017 another year of selling out animal interests instead of going vegan and promoting veganism as a moral baseline. That being said, were he to spend his time and resources educating people as to why they should be vegan, I doubt that his donate button on the Meatless Monday website would receive as many clicks.

After all, one thing that Paul clearly needs is more money. Haven’t you heard? Its been a hard days night, and being a former Beatle isn’t as lucrative as it once was.

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