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SeaWorld Replaces Orca Exploitation With Nicer Sounding Orca Exploitation

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Sploosh! Let’s praise the “animal rights activists” for their tremendous work in San Diego over the last year. Why? For doing what they do best, of course; helping industrial animal exploiters streamline their businesses and pacify the non-vegan public.

SeaWorld San Diego has announced that it’s ending its killer whale show, which according to this fox news article is down to “years of outcry and falling attendance.” The renounced show made a spectacle of killer whales in the Shamu Stadium Pool, and had its final “performances” on Sunday January 8th.

But wait, don’t despair. You can still see killer whales perform in a new “attraction” being introduced this summer. An “attraction” that, for all intents and purposes, is exactly the same as the renounced killer whale show. The only difference is that the show is now called “Orca Encounter” and is being promoted as an “educational experience.” You’ll learn how whales “eat, communicate and navigate” (in a concrete tank), and don’t worry kids; according to Al Garver, former Orca “trainer” and vice president of zoological operations, “you will still see a whale leaping out of the water.”

Under supposed “pressure” from “activists,” SeaWorld announced last year that it would be ending its orca shows and orca breeding program. In reality, the “activists” merely alerted SeaWorld to an area of their business that was taking less money and attracting less people, and so they rebranded under the pretence of “education,” ensuring a more comfortable public willing to pay in order to “educate” their kids.

SeaWorld exploits a number of different sea creatures through holding them in captivity for human entertainment. Isn’t it interesting how “animal advocates” would have you believing that orcas are apparently the only animals in existence there. Unfortunately for the other non-humans locked in glass cages or bound within concrete walls, orcas are just that much more marketable for a single-issue campaign. And as with all single-issue campaigns, they do nothing but promote speciesism and promote all non-targeted exploitation as somehow morally better. See this short video for more information.

As far as SeaWorld is concerned, the Orlando and San Antonio parks claim to be ending their current shows by 2019. “Animal rights activists” shout victory, whilst the orcas are subjected to the exact same exploitation they were before for the purpose of “education.” Nothing changes for orcas or the other animals in SeaWorld who apparently don’t exist, and every other animal exploited on account of our non-veganism is further entrenched into that exploitation on account of a moral difference being fabricated out of thin air by “advocates” intent on promoting single-issue campaigns.

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  • Teresa Wagner

    The title alone is fabulous, and so sadly true. Thank you for this article.

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