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Michael Bloomberg’s Daughter (A Non-Vegan) Is Dating Another Non-Vegan And Welfarists Are Losing Their Shit

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Folks… Folks… calm down. Surely you’ve all known of non-vegans who have dated other non-vegans? Surely you’ve known people who don’t take the fundamental interests of animals seriously and who date other people who feel the same? Then please tell me what the fucking difference is between them and Georgina Bloomberg (daughter of former New York Mayor and 8th richest person on the planet, Michael Bloomberg) dating Carlos Arruza Jr.?

Oh wait, I know. It’s one that welfarists have fabricated out of thin air because Georgina helped some homeless animals and received an award from the Humane Society of the United States, while her boyfriend is a trophy hunter who owns a petroleum company and who enjoys playing with assault rifles. In other words, regardless of the details, two non-vegans are dating each other.

Why are people – and organisations like HSUS – losing their shit? Well, we live in a society in which any non-vegan (especially a celebrity) who does anything involving animals is automatically pedestalized and worshipped even if they are not vegan. Such worship necessarily promotes all other forms of animal exploitation that the celebrity isn’t targeting.

People are losing their shit because the mainstream “animal movement” is speciesist and maintains “hunting is evil” whilst accepting other pervasive forms of animals exploitation as legitimate.

People are losing their shit because they like to believe that those who are involved with animal issues in some way “all want the same thing,” when the reality is that the vast majority of people involved in the “animal movement” are nothing but pedlars of continued exploitation for the big animal industries.

People are losing their shit because thanks to countless decades of worthless and counterproductive single-issue campaigns, those in the “animal movement” believe that hunting represents something far worse than all normal forms of animal exploitation and that association with someone who hunts is somehow different in a moral sense than association with someone who eats animal products and uses animals in other ways every day.

Georgina Bloomberg does not take animal interests seriously, just as Carlos Arruza Jr. does not take animal interests seriously. Losing our shit over two non-vegans being together is as non-sensical as running out in the street and driving a wedge between pretty much every couple you see holding hands.

Perhaps instead of perpetuating the false notion that one can be an “advocate” whilst not being vegan, and that “hunting is evil” and somehow worse in a moral sense than all other forms of animal use, we should educate these people about why we are obligated to go vegan in the first place if we believe animals to have moral value.

Unfortunately, fabricating a “scandal” out of thin air is just that much more popular in the mainstream media than using a story to highlight the deadly inconsistencies in our own moral thought.

Photo from Vanity Fair

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  • daniel

    I never even heard of this before browsing this article


    I don’t care

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