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Chichester Dairy Cows Awarded For Being Exploited

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Giving out awards is something one usually associates with high-profile celebs at the Oscars, pop stars at the Brit-Awards or perhaps even your kid winning a trophy at his/her school football game. Within the mainstream “animal movement,” we’re even used to the large animal orgs giving awards to people who promote continued animal exploitation. Take PETA, for example, who back in 2004 gave slaughterhouse designer Temple Grandin their “visionary” award.

What we’re not so used to is giving “awards” to the victims of exploitation for their “service” – something that the folks at Chichester College here in the UK seem to have taken great pride in doing.

An article published recently in FE Week tells the story of how four Chichester College cows have been presented with awards by agriculture students for over 10 years of “service.” Dan Stamper, the farm manager, said “we felt it was important to mark the achievement of these four cows and to highlight how seriously we take animal health and welfare on the farm.”

Three of the four cows – Brinsbury Margot, Digitalis and Symphony – have each been exploited for 10 years at the college. Rantanhall Baroness has been exploited for 12 years, or as the folks at Chichester would say, she has “completed 12 years of service.” Between the four of them, they have produced 68,092 litres of milk. Almost 70,000 litres of milk meant for their children – taken from them. Their daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters are all being exploited at the college too.

Agricultural students are “involved in all aspects of dairy farming, from measuring grass to milking cows twice daily.” Of course, nothing is mentioned about the male calves born to the four cows and their female offspring, because they will have been killed; the students are exposed to “all aspects of dairy farming,” after all.

So after being exploited for their milk for 10 years or more – twice a day – and having had their children either taken from them or sent to be killed, they are now insulted with “awards” for a “service” that they were bought and forced into. A “service” that was not offered freely but was a mandatory condition of being someones property, who’s value is determined by what humans can take and profit from as opposed to the inherent value possessed by all sentient beings – a value that gives them the right not to be treated as the resource of another.

Animals do not need “awards” for a “service” that they were bought and forced into as slaves. They need us to recognise their moral value and say no to exploiting them at all. Veganism is what we owe them.

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