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Carrie Underwood is *almost* not an animal exploiter

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Before Carrie or her fans take a Louisville slugger to both my headlights, hear me out.

Self magazine shared a story on how the country star *almost* stays vegan – although we already know they only mean she almost maintains a plant-based diet. Having grown up on a family farm where cows were raised for slaughter, Carrie had a head start on understanding animal exploitation and wanting to sit out on it. She may not have gone vegan overnight, but she did pick up an affinity for tofu scramble, name-brand faux meats, and a vegan’s best friend- avocado. So why is Carrie publicly turning her back on animals now? EGG fucking WHITES.

“I want to be vegan so badly, all the way, 1,000 percent,” she told Self. “But traveling and stuff, it just kind of gets hard. Sometimes I may have to do some egg whites or something for breakfast.”

You’re trying to tell me that a multi-million dollar recording artist is stuck having egg whites when she’s on the road? Carrie, it’s called a “rider” and if it can have craft services colour-coding M&Ms, I’m pretty certain it can ensure that animal products aren’t your only breakfast option. Especially if you’re a known “vegan.”

Worse yet, later in the article she claims to love baking oatmeal muffins, brags about always having cereal on hand, and considers peanut butter on an English muffin a great healthy snack. Last I checked, all of those options still exist on planes, trains, and in cars if you pack them (or pay someone to pack them). You already have perfectly suitable vegan breakfast options in your repertoire, and claim to care for animals, so what gives?

But wait, there’s more. In Cosmopolitan, her eating habits are examined again and she reveals “When I’m out, I don’t go crazy about staying vegan — I wouldn’t send a restaurant salad back if it came with something like feta cheese.” And so it’s with a heavy heart, we come to the realization that this has nothing to do with morality, for sure. Just another celeb confusing the masses about what “vegan” means, and “cheating” on a diet. Maybe next time she’ll think before she cheats (sorry).

Carrie, there’s no *almost* vegan award – you exploit animals or you don’t. The fate of the cows on your family farm is no different from the chickens who faced slaughter for your egg whites, or the goats for your feta. Do the right thing, and show others that it’s not harder to refuse animal products in the morning than it is at night, or from one city to another. Nix the occasional eggs, always return the mistaken cheese, and decide that animals are deserving of freedom from all human use (food and otherwise). Then maybe, just maybe you can start talking about being vegan in interviews. 

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