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American Humane Grants Dolphin Quest a “Humane Certified” Seal Of Approval

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Victory for the captured and enslaved dolphins at Dolphin Quest!

Wait… that doesn’t sound right. What I mean to say is, yet again, another cooperate welfarist group has granted its “humane” seal of approval to the use of animals as human resources. Once again, the public are told that it’s not the use of animals that presents us with a moral problem, it’s simply how they are treated.

Dr. Rae Stone, Marine Mammal Veterinarian and Co-Founder of Dolphin Quest claims to be excited and honoured to have “all three of our [sic] Dolphin Quest locations certified by American Humane.” According to Stone, “no one loves dolphins more than we do, so this independent third-party review by the world’s most respected humane organization is an excellent affirmation by animal experts that our animals are humanely cared for and are thriving under Dolphin Quest’s care.”

Of course, because nothing says I love you more than treating that loved one as a piece of property, denying their inherent value via treatment as property, keeping them in a captured state unable to break free from their chains – their entire existence being dependent upon the whims of their captor – and where they are showboated to the public and used as things in order to make money.

One thing I’m sure Dr. Stone loves more than Dolphins is the healthy bottom line he can expect from this “humane” certification, assuring the public that – once again – so long as animals are treated “humanely,” we do no wrong by using them as our resources. The reality is that when we are not vegan, we give the green light for continued exploitation. Despite what we say, our actions through using animals and consuming animal products means that we are content with violating the rights of sentient beings for frivolous and unnecessary purposes.

If all animals – and not just dolphins – have any moral value, then veganism is not simply a choice – it is a moral obligation for anyone who claims to take animals seriously.

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  • Supjo12

    Pathetic!!! Wasn’t this the same organization at A Dog’s Purpose movie, where the dog was pushed into dangerous waters. Usually you save animals or people from that kind of water. What a disgrace. This dolphinarium did not deserve the stamp of approval. BOO!!

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