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Some guy is trying to blame erectile dysfunction on veganism

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We might tease that people get off on using animals, but it could very well be true for this bloke.

The Asian Age shared the accusations of one man, who claims to have experienced erectile dysfunction as a result of adopting a vegan diet. You read that correctly.

So although impotence can be caused by basically anything from stress to your partner binge watching the last few episodes of a popular series without you, he thinks eating more greens did it. While some find help for erectile dysfunction by checking out somewhere similar to https://www.blinkhealth.com/cialis, there are others who are unsure of where to get help because they feel it could be a little embarrassing. Maybe he should make use of a penis extender if he is having trouble downstairs. Maybe he should get an extenders rated by experts possibly including xtrasize as a supplement to improve erection functionality could also help.

In a physiological respect, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity are high on the long list of passion-squashers. And since many attribute a plant-based diet to having the ability to reverse those ailments, and more, I’m beginning to suspect this dude is looking for someone to blame for his bad time. With 30 million or so American men experiencing the same man-part problems, it would be foolish to call this a vegan issue.

Even more peculiar to the tale, he reported having read that veganism can help ED, but said he only suffered it after making the change. Sounds like an unhealthy mix of someone being mislead by the cure-all powers of veganism, and the media using that opportunity to pretend (yet again) that vegans are inadequate. This coming from the same publication to post “metal penis to help men with erectile dysfunction.” Let’s see if that can have a better success rate than good health.

Dr. Adam Simon told The Asian Age that zinc is a man’s best friend, and that chickpeas, peanuts, kidney beans and a variety of seeds are there for vegan men to load up on. No need to pretend that exploiting another is turn-on.

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