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From Mothers Milk To Human Poison: Milk Vodka

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As if we needed another way to violate the relationship between a mother and baby, we’re now turning calf growth fluid into alcohol.

Black Cow is a brand of Vodka being produced in Dorset, England, by dairy farmer and distiller, Jason Barber. His initial attempts at making vodka from potatoes and apples proved unsuccessful, but instead of giving up he decided he’d make use of the excess whey from his cows’ milk – usually considered a “waste product” and put in pig feed – use a “special strain” of yeast to convert the lactose into “milk beer” and then distill the liquid into vodka. According to Barber, “it tasted so good we decided to go into production.”

It takes 20 litres of milk to produce enough whey to make one litre of vodka. Co-founder, Paul Archard maintains that they’re turning whey “into a luxury product.”

Well, that’s great. I’m sure the cows who have had their babies taken from them, their sons killed, and their own impending doom creeping up on them as they’re milked dry are only too happy that the whey from their milk is being put to such use. After all, why bother feeding your babies when you can fuel human alcoholism instead.

The way in which we use their milk is irrelevant; whether we’re pouring it in tea, turning it into cheese or distilling it into alcohol, it’s all immoral. All of our uses of animals through non-veganism are morally unjustifiable. There’s just something particularly perverse about the idea of taking something so pure as the life force of baby, and corrupting it into a poison for human revelry.

It’s the ultimate insult to a mother and child. As if their separation, exploitation and murder wasn’t enough, we have to go and get drunk on it too.

Photo from NPR

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  • Dylan Wentworth

    I’m more convinced than ever that the bovines will eventually get the last laugh.

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