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Convenience Store Recalls Flesh Sandwiches For Containing… Flesh

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Spar, a chain of small convenience stores in the UK, is having to recall a number chicken flesh sandwiches and pull thousands from its shelves. Apparently, there are fears that the sandwiches may contain “blue meat,” an unknown discolouration.

According to an article in The Stoke Sentinel, the Food Standards agency has put out an “urgent product recall, warning the sandwiches may be unfit for human consumption.” People are being urged not to eat them and to return them for a refund, and Spar have been told to display product recall notices.

How bizarre that our judgement of what constitutes a product fit for human consumption rests entirely upon the colour of the flesh. As far as the chicken is concerned, his/her flesh is “unfit for human consumption” regardless of the colour. He/she is a being with inherent moral value and the right not to be used as a thing. It seems that people become so transfixed on the most obscure and irrelevant points of concern that they lose their grasp on reality; whether the chicken flesh is blue, white, yellow or pink, it is still the flesh of a sentient being who did not want to die and who was unjustifiably slaughtered for unnecessary purposes.

In a moral sense, the recall of these sandwiches would be like somebody putting out a recall for the body parts of humans who had gangrene after a bad batch was put on the market by traffickers. It fundamentally misses the point that, regardless of whether the humans had gangrene or not, we shouldn’t be using humans as replaceable resources.

It is no different in the animal context. If you have one of Spar’s sandwiches in your possession, take this opportunity to recognise that humans don’t have the right to treat animals as resources in the first place, regardless of their flesh colour. Recognise that if animals are not things, they no more belong in your sandwich than the flesh of humans.

Go vegan, and purchase the ingredients for your first vegan meal from Spar instead.

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