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Pets travel first class and prove people couldn’t be more speciesist

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Traveling can be a nightmare, but this new $65 million dollar terminal means your pet can travel in luxury.

Bloomberg reports that at JFK International Airport in New York, cats, dogs, horses, and birds are getting first-class treatment. What was once long wait times on tarmacs and worried owners, is now FaceTime updates and spa treatments in ‘The Ark.’ And forget them struggling to open their own mini-bags of pretzels.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people who are relocating or rescuing an animal from oversees can shell out their cash to ensure their fur-babies are well cared for. But is anyone else furious with the clear and in-your-face speciesism? 

While we fawn over and preen our property (pets), we’re cool with the cramped, stinking, and dangerous conditions that the animals we breed for food, clothing, and entertainment experience on their journeys from farms and breeders to our plates, closets, and arenas. Oh, and more importantly, we don’t seem to care that one (again, the fur-babies) gets to live the good life, while the other (the forgotten) are deemed worthy of use to ensure our own “good life.” Yup – The Ark is open for business for people moving animals they’re selling, too. They’re once again trying to make treatment look more important than use. Even in the cover photo you can see a “locally grown free-range” ad of some sort on the jet bridge to the plane.

The “safe and humane” transport of animals around the world that they’re promoting seems laughable when the majority of animals are left out of the picture. Not to mention the animals that will pass through this facility as a pit stop on the way to further exploitation. It’s doesn’t matter how ‘luxurious’ we deem that pit stop. There’s mention of racehorses, show horses, and polo ponies, and the development of a ‘Livestock Export Centre,’ all just a reminder that this is about profitability and not just your pets comfort. They’re hoping people fall for the idea that “safe and humane” travel conditions means they can continue using animals as they please. No doubt participation from animal industries will garner more profit than the $125 they’ll charge people to board their pets.

Going vegan is the only way to promote real change that will impact animals worldwide. Until the demand to use animals disappears, we’ll continue finding ‘clever’ ways to make it appear as if we care for animals, when it’s only how we can benefit from them that we truly care about.

Photo from The Sun

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