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RSPCA Australia On How To Kill “Humanely”

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We live in a society where the dominant paradigm is animal welfarism.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that the groups that supposedly exist for the animals are actually the groups that exist to help exploit animals. After all, when the conventional wisdom dictates that it’s okay to kill animals so long as they are treated “humanely,” it would make no sense for these businesses to contradict that if they wish to remain financially stable.

Australian news website, 9 News, recently published the RSPCA guidelines on how to kill crustaceans in “humane ways.” What we see here is a perfect example of how a welfare group normalises the violation of fundamental rights and perpetuates the dominant paradigm assuming animals are things. There is no question of whether we are justified in exploiting crustaceans in the first place. The entire focus is on whether or not the process of murder is “humane”:

“Stunning is believed to numb the animal so it doesn’t feel pain, while mechanical killing dispatches it as quickly as possible.


* Electrical stunning in a specialised water bath (all species)

* Chilling in an ice slurry (tropical crustaceans)

* Chilling in a freezer (large crustaceans adapted to very cold conditions)


* Splitting – using a sharp knife to cut lengthways through the head, abdomen and thorax (lobsters and similar)

* Spiking – using an awl or sharp-pointed knife to punch through the rear and then front nerve centres (crabs).”

This is not something specific to the RSPCA. All welfare and new welfare groups support the “humane” use and killing of sentient beings, as expressed most prominently in the 2005 letter of “appreciation and support” for Wholefoods’ animal welfare standards. The reality is that there is no way to “humanely” kill or “dispatch” a sentient being who does not want to die. Sentient beings have fundamental interests in not suffering and continuing to exist – the exact same fundamental interests as humans. To suggest that “humane” killing is possible is also to suggest that we can murder humans with impunity provided they are killed “humanely.”

So long as we support the large animal groups – that are nothing but businesses – the unjust paradigm of animal welfarism will never be defeated. They ensure its perpetuation. We need to change the conversation away from treatment to use, and quickly.

That starts with becoming vegan yourself and then educating others to do the same.

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