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The Cleveland Dairy Queen of Death

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It seems that in some areas of the world the victims of suffering and death have to bow down to royalty.

The Cleveland Livestock Show and “Dairy Day” holds a contest each year to find a new queen to reside over the corpses of innocents. This year the contestants are a high school junior and senior, both of whom have expressed their joy over the prospect of being queen.

Bryanna Arrendell, the junior, says: “I would like to represent my community in a positive way by being Miss Rodeo Cleveland Livestock Show.” Alaina Williams, the senior, says: “I just love being with the community and helping others out.”

How utterly bizarre that we celebrate the exploitation of vulnerable beings with a beauty contest. How perverse that a livestock and dairy show – a symphony of suffering mothers and children – will be presided over by some make-believe royalty.

This is our society, where a sense of “community” involves trading the bodies of sentient beings as if they were sacks of grain. Where “helping others” involves valuing an animals life at zero in the name of vanity.

In our hubris, we are ugly. In our ignorance we condemn others to an unjust death.

How ironic that we celebrate a denial of animal value with a competition making a value judgment against the bodies of young women. So the cycle of commodification continues…

Break the circle. Recognise animal moral value by becoming vegan. See the interconnectedness of all forms of injustice that place sentient beings outside the moral community of equals based on irrelevant criteria. Speciesism, sexism, racism, homophobia – it all stems from a failure to recognise every sentient beings equal inherent value.

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