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Vegan Crashes Her Car Into A Chicken Truck… Intentionally

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If you ever wanted to marginalise veganism and do further damage to the public perception of veganism, there is most likely no better way than to kamikaze into a slaughter truck. Not only does it tell the public that all vegans are maniacs, it implies that there is no substantive moral argument for veganism. It tells the public that vegans are merely acting on a desire for self-gratification and nothing more. Most importantly, however, it gives people yet another reason to ignore their own partipation in animal exploitation by associating veganism with violent and anti-social behaviour.

Judith Armstrong, a 26 year old woman from Hull, Georgia, drove her car into a chicken-transporting truck multiple times on Highay 72. She then fled the scene leaving numerous pieces of her car behind, including her licence plate. Police officers eventually identified Armstrong and ended up at her home, where she initially refused to come out and spoke to the officers through “multiple windows.” She admitted that she had purposely caused the crash and, according to the police report, “she was a vegan and hit the truck due to it being a chicken truck.” Hopefully the driver will contact a local law firm, such as this truck accident lawyer los angeles, as he may well be entitled to compensation if either he, or his vehicle, was damaged. However, if you are not in LA then you may need an auto accident lawyer from a different region, perhaps where you had your accident or somewhere that is local to your home.

This sort of behaviour not only trivialises the very real violence involved in animal exploitation by putting both human and non-human lives at stake, it merely drags out the impending doom awaiting the birds on the truck and most likely caused them greater suffering and stress in the process. Aside from the immorality of engaging in violence, such actions could only be considered reasonable to those who have failed to consider that the issue of animal exploitation is an issue of demand. No matter how many trucks are stopped or damaged, the same number of animals will be raised and slaughtered in order to meet the demand for animal products. Meddling with supply, in whatever form, does absolutely nothing to alter the demand. It actually implies that the issue isn’t with demand at all and that it’s the supply side of things that needs to change. That merely plays into the hands of welfarism and suggests to the public that the problem isn’t with what they put in their mouths and on their bodies every day, it’s just a case of how it gets there. So not only has Armstrong encouraged people to equate veganism with anti-social behaviour, she has reaffirmed in their minds the idea that animal use is a legitimate practice and we need only concern ourselves with how they are supplied and brought to us.

She eventually surrendered to police and is facing charges of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and obstruction. As far as we’re concerned, they can add the normalisation of animal exploitation to that list too. Due to the recklessness of her behavior, the truck driver will eventually be able to research into the an experienced lawyer to see if he could be owed compensation for her actions.

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