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Why Non-Vegans Are So Confused About Vegans Consuming Sperm

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With the way veganism has been portrayed by the mainstream “animal movement” for the last 3 decades, it’s really no surprise that the most engagement non-vegans have with the concept is whether or not we can eat our own bodily fluids.

According to the Metro it was “Steak And A Blow Job Day” the other day, a concept so problematic on so many levels that it feels rather too obvious to point out. It encapsulates our speciesism – and the interconnectedness between speciesism and sexism – almost too well. Not only is it a day where men can be proud of their subjugation of animals, they can be proud of their subjugation of women too by allowing their partner to feel obligated into giving them oral sex, even if their partner perhaps doesn’t want to. These acts are the sorts of acts that should be carried out with mutual respect and understanding, and not something that one can enforce upon another with the backing of some patriarchal ‘holiday.’

With respect to this day celebrating death and sexism, the Metro asks: “What about vegans? Seriously, what about them? Does seitan steak count? Is sperm vegan? Why are we pairing a sex act with a dead animal anyway? Seems pretty niche.” One thing they haven’t realised is that the pairing of animal exploitation with the exploitation of women isn’t “niche” in the slightest. It’s how our system of commodification works – while we still believe it’s okay to treat women as objects for the fulfillment of our desires, we’ll continue to do the same with animals, and vice versa.

As far as sperm is concerned, their fixation on whether or not it is vegan really underscores a profound failure in our advocacy over the last 3 decades. In promoting veganism as nothing more than “one of the options” for “reducing suffering,” the public have not been educated about why animal exploitation as an institution itself is morally problematic. As a result of that, they see vegans as people who are going above and beyond what is required as opposed to them adhering to a minimum standard of decency and respect. They have not been educated to recognise that the issue isn’t just the suffering of cute, fluffy animals that they see on welfarist posters, it’s that treating animals as property is a direct violation of their fundamental rights as sentient beings.

In their failure to promulgate this message, the mainstream “animal movement” has itself, created this false public perception of veganism which consistently enables people miss the point. The fixation on sperm and whether or not vegans can consume it is just a manifestation of that.

As far as the Metro’s question is concerned, assuming that you’re not enslaving your partner and forcibly extracting their sperm against their will, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Sperm is not sentient. It’s high time we bury his nonsense once and for all and start focusing the public’s attention on the real matter at hand. The idea that if animals have moral value, veganism is not just a “choice,” it’s an obligation

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  • Ah, yes, the infamous “Steak and [Fellatio] Day”. 14th March, chosen because it’s a month after Valentine’s Day, so the poor chaps who forked out for chocolates and flowers deserve a reward. You’re right, it’s messed up. I prefer the American habit of calling 14th March “Pi Day”.

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