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Backwards Activists Don’t Mind If You Sell Non-Vegan Food, Just Don’t Hunt

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In Lafayette, Lousiana, activists are acting out to stop an animal exploiter from exploiting only some animals.

KPEL 965 local news shared that Deano’s Pizza has been the target of animal activism pranking after news spread that the restaurants owner and operator is a proud exotic animal hunter. Tim Metcalf took to Facebook to air his grievances with these so-called animal lovers who have been placing orders, waiting for them to filled, and then calling back to claim they’re no longer interested in Deano’s food because Metcalf hunts. The thing is, absolutely everything we can see on the menu contains animal products. That means they are literally attempting to make Metcalf stop hunting animals by having him continue to cook up animals. They’re literally saying “it’s fine if you serve animal products, just don’t hunt.” It’s a bit ass-backwards, don’t you think?

In his FB statement, Metcalf highlights that his actions are legal, and recommends his haters stick to lobbying if they want to see that change. We recommend that instead of turning a blind eye to the animals being exploited for food, these activist drop the speciesism and recognize all animal use as unnecessary and unfair. Disrupting the order queue of a dinner rush at Deano’s is not going to make Metcalf stop hunting, nor is it going to educate any on-lookers on why animal use in immoral. It certainly isn’t going to help anyone reason that the food at Deano’s is as harmful as hunting, if not more by sheer quantity. It just paints a pretty ugly picture that bullying is an activists only approach for making change.

We strongly believe that vegan education, first for ourselves and then with others, is the only approach that justly considers all animals. Until we see an exotic animal as equal to a cow, and stop the ‘anti-hunting’ single-issue campaigns, people will continue to seperate themselves as being different or better for never engaging in hunting. It’s how non-vegans like Piers Morgan can oppose hunting and continue using animals daily. We can’t focus on the treatment of a hunted animal and think that’s worse than the breeding, raising, and slaughtering of an animal viewed as property. All animal use is wrong, no matter the treatment, the reason, or the “benefit” it brings to a human.

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