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There’s no such thing as giving exploited animals a “good death”

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Industry and welfarists are at it again, attempting to convince themselves and others that there’s such a thing as humane slaughter.

VPR in Vermont shared that Vermont Packinghouse (a slaughterhouse) received four United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A) violations in the past year, and that animal rights groups are now asking regulators to consider withdrawing the plant’s federal inspection program. The violations in question surround the staffs inability to kill animals on the first try, something the U.S.D.A calls an egregious violation (yes, more egregious than killing animals).

Vermont Packinghouse co-owner Arion Thiboumery blames their inability for by-the-book stunning on giving animals too much room to move around, making the blow difficult to deliver. Seems like a convenient way to promote tighter spaces, doesn’t it? He goes on to say, “Every one of those issues was a disappointment both for me and for the staff. We work with animals that come from a lot of beautiful, small farms. They’ve lived a good life and we want to give them a good death.”

The regurgitation of the ‘happy’ farm narrative, and the lunacy of trying to pass a fast death off as being more moral than a prolonged one is sickening. It doesn’t matter how often we kiss or cuddle our cows before we cull them, exploitation strips them of their rights no matter how that injustice is served. To want to see an animal live a good life and have a “good” death, is to want that animal to have freedom from the farm, the stun gun, and the demands of the consumer. That freedom is veganism.

When Dena Jones, a representative of the Animal Welfare Institute, and other welfarists claims to want to end the suffering and inhumane treatment of these animals by working with their exploiters, they’re fibbing or highly confused. The U.S.D.A is only concerned about these violations where employees or products are affected. For Jones and others to be satiated with the notion that all animals are being killed according to protocol further supports that their interests don’t lie in truly helping animals.

The rules and regulations of the animal agriculture industry are created and enforced to benefit those who profit from them. If we hope to see real change for animals, we cannot focus on the conditions of their use and must advocate for their total freedom.

Going vegan, and helping others see the necessity for doing the same, is the only logical objection to animal use.

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  • Debrah McCabe

    Agree on all of the above!

  • A fetus is not a human, so a “good death” does not apply to them, evidently.

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