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Hampton Creek races to be the first to sell lab meat

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The vegan support of lab grown meat has been puzzling since day one, and now, a beloved vegan brand is further tipping the scales of justice in the wrong direction by joining the race to sell it.

Quartz helped launch Hampton Creek into the lab meat race in a discussion with CEO Josh Tetrick. Tetrick takes the opportunity to boast his predictions of flooding grocery store shelves with their lab meat products by the end of next 2018, a solid three years before their most visible competitor, Memphis Meats. If you can make it through the piece, they blah-blah-blah through investment figures, Hampton Creek’s ties to box store brands, and even dare to call the highly processed mass of animal cells “clean meat”. It’s one long humble brag about how well they’re going to do if they’re the first people capitalizing on the latest opportunity for animal exploitation. Sorry i’m not excited about it for you, Tetrick.

No surprise, the liberal media approach is to talk about the “progress” for animals that stem cell burgers would have. But even they don’t shy away from the fetal bovine serum discussion, a necessary evil for producing this not-so-miraculous “food” that kills mother cows and calves, and keeps the cost of the product higher than the standard serving of slaughter. They say they want to replace it, but that’s another few billion away. So let’s not forget about all the animals that are killed to harvest their cells and serum during testing and the frequent use of animals that will continue during production. 

The fact that animals will still die for lab meat is only one way I strongly oppose the invention. The propagation of animals as food, the supported necessity of including meat in our diets, the promotion of vegetarianism, and the support of animal experimentation have me feeling more and more sick about the whole thing. I don’t buy into non-vegans eating this up either, because if we can’t convince them to eat a patty made of beans or wheat gluten, I’m not sure cells and serums are going to cause the kind of uproar that ends animal agriculture. Instead, I just foresee the “real meat” campaigns it’ll breed (no pun intended).

I certainly hope that Hampton Creek doesn’t label their petri-dish concoction “just meat,” because there’s nothing just about it. Justice for animals comes from our individual actions in choosing not to use animals, and in the promotion of veganism for everybody. We don’t need a world full of non-vegan meat substitutes, or the hoards of business people racing to sell them to us.

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  • Cenk Tekin

    And all must be converted to your Puritan ideology.

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