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Cosmopolitan thinks vegans are basically invincible

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Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound – it’s highly inflated promises about the health benefits of being vegan, man!

Cosmpolitan magazine shared eight health benefits of going vegan, a pared down list from a lengthy twenty originally written by a blogger by the name of Jen Miller. Citing obscure studies from all over the place and using little more than conjecture, the blog post credits veganism with thwarting migraines, weight gain, hormone imbalances, body odour, bad skin and more. It’s nothing new. These possible side-effects of eating a plant-based diet are once again being promoted as indisputable reasoning for going vegan, by non-vegans. At best, it sets potential vegans up for failure when they don’t drop the weight or start smelling like roses. And at it’s worst, it encourages my non-vegan friends to wonder why I haven’t attained level ten invincibility yet.

When Miller isn’t tackling veganism, she is writing lists about other important contributors to our health, like volleyball, dehumidifiers, and eating meat. Yup, she’s got a ’15 Health Benefits of Eating Meat’ blog just to further confuse the masses. She even does tremendously at consulting a thesaurus to make sure the two articles aren’t too similar.

She says a vegan diet can protect against osteoporosis AND meat is important for bone health.

She says meat has anti-cancer nutrients AND veganism protects against cancer.

She says vegan diets promote weight loss AND meat can help in promoting weight loss.

She says meat contains stress relief and anti-depressant agents AND vegans are happier and less stressed.

Do you see what the problem is here? We all know healthy non-vegans and unhealthy vegans. Seeing people thrive as vegans is important, and there are legitimate health benefits to dropping meat and dairy – I don’t look to contest that. But promising personal change in lieu of the very real necessity of freedom for animals is detrimental when it’s not realized. 

If I did have to choose the one true kryptonite for vegans, it’d be a toss up between animal use and the people who feel the need to give a voice to veganism without being vegan. Our nemesis are not the pimples or extra pounds we experience, but the misunderstanding of the basis of fundamental justice for all. We need to educate others on what veganism means for the animals, and not only selfishly keep the conversation about why we should take action for ourselves.

Relish in the side effects of not partaking in animal exploitation, but make sure your veganism is about fighting for the victims, the animals.

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