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PETA tries crappy activism on public toilets

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I apologize in advance for the toilet humour that I cannot avoid with this one.

Cambrian News shared that People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals has offered financial support to a small town in Wales in order to keep their public toilets running. The offer comes with a condition, that a banner be hung to get an all important message to those flocking to the building to void their bladders and bowels. And that banner must read “Meat Stinks. Go Vegan.” How fun! An opportunity to confuse the masses AND pretend vegan shit doesn’t stink. They also stand a chance at finally living up to their reputation as shit-disturbers.

PETA director Elisa Allen told the news outlet “While public toilets are often known for having quite a stench, it’s the meat industry that is most foul. This win-win solution would help keep the toilets open while providing residents with an important reminder that when it comes to animals, our health, and the environment, meat really does stink.” Sorry Allen, the ‘meat industry’ is also the dairy industry, the leather industry, and it’s all equally noxious. And how is saying “meat stinks” an important reminder about anything without the information to back it up? Perhaps employing a washroom attendant to recite facts about animal agriculture is in the budget.

I hear you saying “but Eva, you told them to add veganism to their messaging and at least they did that!More than once even, sure. But I guess I should have also told them to stop telling everyone that meat is worse than dairy, fur is worse than wool, circuses are worse than zoos, or that exotic animals are more deserving of our attention. Problem is, a banner isn’t going to cut it. And hoping people start googling PETA while on the can is no better, unless they accidentally find this article instead.

The most I’ve learned in a bathroom was a few bad limericks. Until we start campaigning that all animals use is wrong, clearly, people will have an opportunity to disregard one form of exploitation or another. Some might agree meat stinks, cut it out, and still never go vegan.

If you give a shit about helping all animals, go vegan, and help educate others why they should too.

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