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TMZ thinks dieting and doing yoga make Charlie Sheen vegan

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How many things can TMZ conflate as “veganism” in one, 147 word breaking news piece?

The paparazzi machine shared that close sources say Charlie Sheen is living “the vegan life”. So while many gossip rags were ready to throw him a kale themed party, we’re staying in skeptic town because ‘vegan celebrities’ are seldom vegan (we may give Miley Cyrus the benefit of the doubt at this point though).

The nefarious actor is no stranger to headlines, but never where yoga and garden burgers are concerned. And although we have no clue what coconut water coffee is (we’re more interested in coconut creamers in our morning brew), it sounds like a better option than ‘tiger blood’.

Organic, holistic and ‘health kick’ all fine labels, but none take into account the animal victims of non-veganism. It sounds like Sheen is doing what he can to live his best life for himself, and that leaving animal products off the menu is just part of that equation. We don’t see him giving up the countless animal products that won’t have a direct effect on his health, like leather, animals in entertainment, or otherwise. But then again, he’s full of surprises- he might just go vegan yet.

A plant-based diet has countless benefits, but veganism has the ability to make a difference in more than just your own life. That’s win-‘winning’.

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  • Joan Kennedy

    Following a vegan diet is not synonymous with “dieting,” so the headline is a bit off. Eva, I get that you’ve written that a plant-based diet doesn’t make someone vegan, but you haven’t made the case. The stumbling block in that argument is that following a vegan diet makes far more difference to animals than whether you picket circuses or liberate minks from fur farms or protest animal use in laboratories or refrain from wearing leather or water doomed hogs at a traffic stop. The mother lode of animal abuse is in breeding and raising animals for the food trade. The rest, comparably speaking, makes so little difference in the aggregate that it might as well be considered symbolic. When people stop eating animals, people who truly care about animals stand up and applaud.

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