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Kylie Isn’t Actually ‘Trying This Whole Vegan Thing’

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What happens when one of most notable pseudo celebrities posts vegan tacos on her Snapchat? Well, as we saw yesterday, every news outlets everywhere loses their shit.

Kylie Jenner, the lip-kit hocking disciple of the Kardashian clan and confirmed ‘Queen of Snapchat’, posted a Daiya-cheese (only guessing) covered dinner to her rumoured 9 million or so followers. She captioned the snap with “I’m trying this whole vegan thing”,  and was immediately sworn in as a vegan by Harper’s Bazaar, People, Teen Vogue, VegNews, and just about every website that exists. Some even blamed her one-day-diet switch for her bod, which would be an even bigger miracle than the invention of cosmetic surgery.

Obviously eating vegan tacos does’t makes you a vegan, but hold up, Kylie is much more committed than that. She also ate vegan pizza and ‘Vegan Raw Soy Free Dairy Free Nachos’ (yo, the dairy free part is redundant, friend).

Yup, there’s little here for anyone to stand on as it’s clear the starlet has just decided to test out another diet, something she previously did with ditching gluten. And although it’s beyond me why anyone anywhere cares what this young woman eats, I understand that it’s the promotion of the word “vegan” to her fan base that’s got everyone truly in a tizzy. Problem is, that ‘promotion’ is setting veganism back. You don’t ‘try’ to be vegan, just like you don’t ‘try’ to be non-racist.

We’ve seen it with Beyonce, we’ve seen it with Ellen, and we’ve seen it with a slew of non-vegan celebrities endorsing any animal-loving thing. And time and time again, these loose vows of veganism (that are really just plant-based dining) are followed up be SHOCK! SCANDAL! THEY’RE NO LONGER A VEGAN! I’m sure it won’t be long before she releases another range of beauty products that has a non-vegan skew, is seen out on the town in leather, fur, or silk, or snaps herself directly sucking milk from a cow’s teet (maybe not that one). And should Kylie prove me wrong, and begin promoting the moral imperative of veganism, I’ll eat my vegan hat.

Until then, repeat after me; I, [insert your name here], do not need Kylie Jenner or any other celebrity to teach me about the morals of using animals. I, [insert your name again, or a fun nickname if you prefer] know that veganism is not a diet, and that to ‘be vegan’, I must respect the fundamental rights owed to animals and stop using them.

It would be great if vegans could stop being swept up in these paparazzi puff-pastry pieces, because if we stand any chance at educating the public on WHAT veganism is and WHY veganism matters, we’ll need to set these stories on fire and back away (your choice if that is metaphorically or literally). We don’t need a crop of tweens demanding vegan tacos today, and whatever she’s eating tomorrow. And we definitely don’t need people getting any more confused about what it takes to go vegan than they already are.

You don’t need a celebrity to show you how to go vegan, and you don’t need the promise of being as cool, physically trim, or popular as them to do it either.

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  • Truly not understanding why this article is bashing so much on her when it’s SUCH a good thing that she’s even bothering to try it. If anything, I would think that you’d try to educate her more by offering Kylie more resources if she wants to truly understand why people are vegan. Support her rather than tearing her down. You’re making it worse for everyone by knocking her for doing something that’s good for the environment and educating people as she does it. She has a huge social media platform and may be inspiring SO MANY PEOPLE to go vegan because of it. Think before you hurt the vegan cause by writing shit like this.

    • MJ

      I agree with everything you say. She is very influential, and as a full time activist, I am very grateful for what she did. A little goes a long way. she gave veganism a huge boost!

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