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Veld donates money to farm animals and also serves them

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The only thing that gets my head shaking faster than EDM music, is the hypocrisy of far from vegan companies promoting their donations to farm sanctuaries.

A friend shared a Facebook announcement with me that read “Veld Music Festival is proud to be partnering with Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary Charity. $1 from each Veld Music Festival ticket sold between July 31st – August 6th will be donated to Esther’s Farm Sanctuary.” 

‘How sweet!’ people must think. ‘I follow that pig on Instagram!’ others might boast. ‘Give me a fucking break’ I not so quietly say to myself (and my readers).

For those unfamiliar with the weekend long electronic music dance festival, it draws out tens of thousand of people who can pronounce Avicii and don’t mind crowds. Lest we be confused that their giant V logo stands for anything other than Veld, food vendors on-site for hungry music revelers are serving up all sorts of animal products. Though only three vendors have been confirmed on the fests Facebook page, a cursory glance at their menus shows pulled pork tacos and pork souvlaki–a stark contrast to the happy, Veld-flag waving, sunglass wearing Esther The Wonder Pig they feature in the promo flyer (seen above). It’s just so interesting to me that they (like so many other companies) can profit off of the flesh of some animals and simultaneously profit off of the promotion of saving others.

If there’s one thing people like more than sitting on each other’s shoulders at concerts, it’s being told that donating money to help animals makes them a better person. I mean, that’s what Veld wants their ticket buyers to feel–good about helping. Except it’s not really helping. Our actions are responsible for all the farm animals being saved at this farm.

Before everyone gets too upset, I’m not saying the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary doesn’t deserve donations. The point I’m trying to make is that someone who uses animals shouldn’t feel they’re saving animals by giving change to a sanctuary. You can help them help their animals, sure, but those animals needed rescuing because of how we treat all animals. But since Esther’s family isn’t always clear about veganism, the message can be further muddied by the Veld team.

If seeing Esther in your scroll brightens your day like it does for so many, I implore you to consider doing what’s best for all pigs like her, and all animals. That’s not just following, liking, or sending her a couple dollars by buying a concert ticket–it requires that we go vegan.


Photo from Veld

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  • Cathy Currie

    You say that Esther’s family isn’t always clear about veganism… I completely disagree. No, they aren’t the vegan police… no, they use “Esther Approved” and not “vegan,” but they are EXTREMELY CLEAR on their message! They don’t use “in your face” messages… instead, they use humour, love, compassion and kindness to sway people toward a plant-based lifestyle. While doing so, they accept instead of shame. They do not ostracize people who haven’t quite “gotten the message” yet. They “kill em with kindness” instead of put them down for not instantly going vegan. I’ll take their message any day over the “in your face” PETA ads. This is coming from a vegan who used to roll her eyes at “vegans.” You can thank Esther and her fabulous dads for turning me vegan along with countless others. If you’re going to be upset at something, be upset at the food organizers for the venue. Don’t drag an amazing place through the mud just because you don’t like the way they get their message across.

    • Cindy

      Esther’s dads every day promote “Esther approved” eating and living, and do so with compassion and kindness, not intimidation and insults. They have put a real face to the packages of meat in the supermarket, that face is Esther and her dads show us she is funny and playful and loving and a real individual person who over a million people have come to love and many of those begin to question and act on their own lifelong eating habits.

      • Cathy Currie

        Exactly Cindy! I couldn’t agree more! ❤️❤️

  • Donna Knauber

    I’m confused by the comment that Esther’s family isn’t always clear about veganism.. Please clarify! Esther’s family and their message of love and compassion convinced me, as well as enumerable others, to examine our choices and either make the first step to a plant based menu, or make the final step and go all the way (in my case). Esther’s approach isn’t to condemn or shame or accuse, but rather to encourage and praise. There is no better or effective way to spread ones message. Please clarify your comment, since, as is, it casts doubt on one of the most successful approaches to spreading the word! And also casts doubt, with no example, on the sincerity of Esther’s family. We live in times where disparaging, untrue comments, with no factual back-up at all, are more likely to be believed as truth. Please clarify!

  • Afabulous50

    I think you’re sadly mistaken if you think HEEFS isn’t clear about their message. No – they’re not militant vegans, but THAT is the reason why they connect with so many people. Not every vegan message has to be “in your face” or images of slaughterhouses. There is more than one way to get the vegan message across and Esther’s Dads are crystal clear when they share their vision for a vegan world.

  • Susan Vahine

    The writer of this article is an idiot

    • KC Starr

      What an insightful and well articulated comment.

      • Susan Vahine

        I don’t care about your opinion, just like you shouldn’t care about mine

  • KC Starr

    You are correct, Esther’s family isn’t always clear about veganism. How can they be, when they are happily accepting donations from non-vegans? It’s a simple conflict of interest that arises as soon as you stick that DONATE button up there. Couldn’t agree more with this article. Negative comments below are from people who appear to be taking this article as a personal affront somehow….

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