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The Road to Hell

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I stand frozen, unable to move. I am frightened, actually terrified. There are more ahead of me in a/the queue. Many are screaming in fright. There are people much bigger than me and they keep taking away those who reach the front of the line. Desperately I turn around, trying to escape, but instead I am pushed ahead.

My legs tremble. I know when I get to the front something terrible will happen. “No! Let me go!”, I plead, but no one listens. Why does nobody hear me? Why am I here? What did I do to deserve this?

I remember being brought here along with others a few days ago in a truck. We were grabbed by some men who simply pushed us on to a moving cage. It was the first time we had ever been on something like that. A loud roar and rumble had startled us all as we moved ahead. I remembered we tried to balance as the cage had swayed, but had very often fallen on to each other before managing to scramble back on to our feet. Finally we had gotten to where we were being taken. We were pushed out of the truck and put into an enclosure. There were loud, fearful sounds that were made by my fellow companions. I had looked around but the gate was locked. Suddenly I had seen a familiar face, my friend, who I had often turned to for comfort during our days together on the farm. My friend had seen me too and had pushed his way through the others to me. We stayed huddled together.The physical contact had been comforting in that cold, mean place.

But then, a sudden, deafening sound had shattered the silence, as the bolts were pushed back and they started moving us to yet another place. My friend clung to me, as we were roughly moved into a line. If we stopped, someone pushed something against our skin that would discharge electric current into our bodies and we would scream in pain. And so we had walked on and ended up in this line.

But now I’m scared, so very scared. My legs are trembling. I don’t want to move ahead but the pain is terrible if I resist. My friends are screaming in pain and fear. I know the end of this line bears unimaginable horror. I want to live. I don’t want to die.

My friend ahead of me turns and I see the panic in his eyes. He has just seen what happens when we make it to the front of the line. In panic, he thrashes his limbs as he is pulled away from the line and on to the kill area.

I feel faint and collapse but I’m simply grabbed anyways and pulled ahead. I can’t stand, my head spins and I pray desperately that this is a dream—no, a nightmare—that I will wake up from at any second. I close my eyes and open them again but I’m still here, with the stench of death and blood all around me. My friend is now gone. I could not help him and no one can help me.

I have only one question as my life is about to end. What did I do to hurt anyone? Why would someone do this to me? My friends and I did not ever do anything wrong. All we want to do is to live in peace. This violence is very scary. We are forced to watch helplessly as our friends being killed, knowing that we will be next. There is no hope. We want to live, desperately! Why must we die? Why?

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