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This week in the veganverse

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Veganism is most certainly in the news! It’s just never about veganism, really. Check out some headlines making their rounds this week.

Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo go Fur-free but stay Animal-Product-full

The back patting is strong with this one, as non-vegan fashion companies get a round of vegan applause for eliminating one limb of exploitation while keeping a countless slew of others. But don’t worry, welfarist vegans are also reaching around to pat their own backs because look at how successful all the forty-plus years of anti-fur campaigning as been. Kors and Choo join the ranks of other fuck-nuts like Armani who realize there’s alternatives to fur but apparently have never heard of pineapple leather or I dunno, polyester.

PETA awards a non-vegan as a “Hero to Animals”

Actress Shilpa Shetty was given a shiny “Hero to Animals” PETA award for speaking out against circuses and bullfighting. Perhaps most heroic though, she *gasp* adopted a stray kitten. Oh shoot, but Shetty’s not a vegan and promotes animal use to millions of followers with her egg and dairy heavy recipe videos. But hey, if PETA can give awards to the people designing slaughterhouses or accept awards from companies selling animal products, no reason an influencer who tucks into the occasional animal can’t get a statue to say they love animals too. #empathy #compassion

People still give fuck tons of cow’s milk to a fictional character

Turns out parents don’t just lie about the jolly old man in red, they continue to brainswash the kiddies into thinking cow’s milk is a good idea. According to a dairy in Australia, Santa will put away 69,000 litres of milk in Western Australia alone. They even point out that 14,000 Western Australian cows will be ‘hard at work’ for this blessed holiday, as if they’ve joined the elves. The world is still waiting for the quantification of white stuff one Krampus can get through, and is blissfully ignoring the holly-jolly amount very real, very morally confused individuals drinks on the regular.

Veganuary sprinkles confusion on the USA

Like the glitter you’ll likely track into January following a kickass New Year’s Eve, the folks of Veganuary are sprinkling their shit past UK borders. Indeed, a Boston subway station will be dusted with propaganda that will help people believe that eating vegan for a month is a good idea (and not just a weird bet). But hey, Feminibruary is right around the corner in promotion of being Feminist for a month – so at least we have that to look forward to.

Vegan dessert almost as interesting as Pinterest wedding boards

Vegan desserts have climbed the ranks to be named one of the top 100 trends on Pinterest. A 329% increase of moms pining cashew cheesecake for their vegan step-daughters is pretty cool, until you realize there was a 1809% increase in air fryer pins. Hey, we still beat clean-cut beards AND boho baby showers, so there’s that. We’ll pretend leather backpacks didn’t make the cut and that what people save to their social media pages is any indication of the climate of veganism.

Chewbacca remains everyone’s favourite by not eating Porgs

Spoiler alert: the new Star Wars is out and everyone has seen it but me. But apparently an adorable new Lucas…er…Disney universe character sways the loveable giant from eating animals. We reached out to Chewie for comment on whether or not his bandolier is made of synthetic materials now, but even Wookiepedia couldn’t translate his publicists Wyaaaaaaghghghghggh answer.

We don’t need brands, organizations, celebrities, challenges, or social pages to tell us how or when to go vegan. It is our moral obligation to recognize why we need to go vegan, and only vegan education will help get us there. So before you go sharing the “good news” to everyone, learn more, go vegan yourself, and promote the need for fundamental justice first. Then, pin vegan recipes to your hearts desire.


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  • Totally agree !

France’s ban of faux-meat branding won’t stop veganism

I’ll take “mycoproteinous food tube” over a tube of dead pig any day.

Concerned about endangered animals? Stop eating them

Methods of animal conservation that support the exploitation of animals don’t exist for the animals, they exist for human profit.

What you can do if live exports disturb you

The outcry should go further than importation and should be directed at the fact that the animals in question were on their way to slaughter in the first place.